Currently, you can visit us only with
1) a certificate of complete vaccination, or
2) a proof of protection period (180 days) after the disease, or
3) negative result of RAT (24 hours) / RT-PCR (72 hours) test by a healthcare professional.
We do not accept antigen self-tests. If you don’t meet any of the conditions upon arrival, you will not be admitted to the game. Any paid deposit is non-refundable in this case. Thank you for your understanding and we will be looking forward to your visit!

Reservation 27. 01. 2022
It is not possible to book past games, choose another date.

To make the booking, it is required to pay a deposit of 490 CZK.

Grey-coloured time slots are already occupied, please choose from the pink ones. The chosen number of players affects the final price.

If you have a physical gift voucher it is necessary to bring it with you.